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No Sew - Pixie Style Tutu




This tutorial will show you step by step how to make a no sew pixie style tutu  pointy ends)!

You can also use this same tutorial to make a regular tutorial, There is only one simple difference!






What you will need:


A crochet headband ( I am using a 2 ¾ in headband) (you can also use a regular headband)

(optional) Template - I have made a 11 ½ in template just by cutting a flap off a box

Tulle ( I am using 6in tulle - two colors for this tutu!)

A book or something sturdy to wrap your headband around















Step one:



Wrap your tulle around your template a few times, I usually just estimate how many times,

then if I need more tulle later I do this again just so I don’t have a bunch of loose strips

laying around.


Using 6in tulle and this 11 ½ template I will get 22 ½in strips of tulle,

making the length 11 ¼in.




Then cut it on one side!





If you do not have or want to make a template, you can also spread your tulle out on the

table and just cut your strips out by hand!






Step Two:

skip this step if you are wanting a regular tutu!


Now we are going to trim our tulle to give it the “pixie” look!


Fold your tulle strip like this




Cut diagonally up from the open sides of the tulle.

Do this on both ends of each strip of tulle!






Your ends will look like this now.


I prefer to go ahead and cut each strip of tulle before I get started to make the process go much faster and smoother.








Step Three:



Wrap your crochet headband around your book, or what ever

sturdy surface you have chosen to use.


I am using a 2 ¾in crochet headband for this tutorial, This will fit anywhere from 1 year

to 4 years comfortably  in my personal experience.

You can get these headbands on tdazzled for

about .26 cents or you can use a smaller,or even larger headband.

 If you want a dress, you can use the 6in or 10in headbands also sold on tdazzled.









If you prefer, Instead of the crochet headbands, you can also use a regular skinny nylon headband.

 These tend to make larger size tutus but are still stretchy.

In my experience they can fit sizes 2 and up. I’ve made them using the nylon headbands to

fit teens, So it just depends on the headband and the person.


Here is a photo of the headband I am talking about.










Step Four:



Fold a strip of tulle in half, as shown.







Step Five:


pull the strip of tulle from through one of the holes in the headband. You can start on the bottom layer, or the second layer.












Step Six:


Using your fingers to hold open the loop, pull the ends of the tulle through the loop and

 gently pull on the tulle until you get a knot like in the photo.







For those using the nylon, or other headband here is an example of how to tie those!









Step Seven:


Continue all around the headband, alternating colors if you are using more than one.


After you finish the first row, you can stop there or continue on the second

row to make a fuller tutu.










Once I finished my tutu, I used a flower hair clip and clipped it to the front on the

crochet headband to add a little something to it.












Here is some other tutus I have made using this method, both pixie style and regular!