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Simple twisted boutique bow

Simple Twisted Boutique Hair Bow




This tutorial is for a simple twisted Boutique hair bow.The bow I made in this tutorial is a 4in bow.

You can do MANY things with this style of bow! You can stack them,add different centers to them and more.


Here is what you will need:


Ribbon ( I used approximately 35 inches of 1.5in ribbon for this 4in bow)

Lighter (or other tool to seal edges - clear nail polish,wood burner,etc...)

Glue gun & glue sticks

  Needle (optional)








Step one:

Cut your piece of ribbon ( I used 35 inches for this 4in hair bow).

Use whichever tool you decided on and seal the ends of the ribbon to prevent fraying.( I used a lighter for this one).


When making my bows I do not cut my ribbon until after I have gotten an idea of how big I want my hair bow, But everyone is different.

You can go ahead and cut your piece of ribbon or you can begin making a rough draft of your bow then once you get it to the size you want, cut your ribbon from the spool.









Step two:

Make your first loop by bringing a piece of ribbon up and around from the right placing it at a angle.
















Step Three:

Make your second loop by by bringing it up and around from the left. Angle it sharply to where it’s almost forming an “X”














Step Four:

Bring the ribbon up and to the right forming a loop and tuck it underneath where your other two loops cross.



















Step Five:

Take the tail end of the ribbon and bring it up from the left placing it on top with a sharp angle forming your last loop.






















Step Six:

Take a look at your bow and make sure that your loops are even. Holding the bow with a very tight grip making sure not to let

anything slip out of place, fold up the center of the bow piece by piece as shown in the photo below.





















Step seven:


While still holding the bow tightly, use your other hand to either:

A. Wrap the thread around the center of the bow a few times, tightly. or

B. Using the need and thread push through the center of the bow then begin to

wrap the thread around the center of the bow.


Adjust your loops, and this is what it should look like at this point:

















Step Eight:

Secure your bow in the back. You can do this two different ways.

A. Tie the thread tightly.

B. Sew a couple of times across the back of the bow (This is my choice!)














Step Nine:

To give your hair bow a more finished look, cut a small piece of thinner ribbon ( I use ⅜ in) and wrap it around the center

of the bow using hot glue to secure it. Trim the tails if you need to and be sure to re-seal the edges to prevent fraying!


Add a clip to the back!








Now you have a simple twisted boutique hair bow! You can leave it plain like this or add a little something to the center (or where ever else you may choose!).


For example: Buttons, flat back resins, Bottle caps, jewels, and more!







Here is how I finished off this bow. This is a flattened 1in bottle cap with a image in the center that I made.

The image says “Move over boys and let a girl show you how to hunt” :)




Here is some of the other bows I have made using the twisted boutique bow to give you an idea of what you can do with it: